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Namecoin is almost fully supported.

  • connect to the network,

  • store and query the blockchain

  • transact NMC

  • create/handle name_new/first/update transaction types

The AuxPow is parsed from the block header, the only thing missing is actually verifying it.


It should suffice to just set the network to :namecoin when running the node/wallet.

bitcoin_node -n namecoin

bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin list
bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin send address:NCme95FewQEjTeBhBfXTyqjz1GTxw4bo56:1.0 0.1

bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin name_show d/bitcoin
bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin name_history d/bitcoin

bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin name_new d/bitcoin
bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin name_firstupdate d/bitcoin abcdef '{"foo": "bar"}'
bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin name_update d/bitcoin '{"bar": "baz"}'
bitcoin_wallet -n namecoin name_update d/bitcoin 'transferring...' NCme95FewQEjTeBhBfXTyqjz1GTxw4bo56

Implementation Details

All the differences from regular bitcoin behaviour should be in separate modules inside Bitcoin::Namecoin. (this is still a work in progress)

The AuxPow parsing is implemented in the Bitcoin::Protocol/::Block, because there might be other altchains using it one day.